Sunniva Brands

Sun Fire 

The pride of the central California coast, every Sun Fire product starts with terpene-rich, sun-grown cannabis expertly cultivated from our partners throughout the state. Bathed in pure, natural sunlight, offering rich, full-spectrum flavor profiles, Sun Fire’s flower and extracts represent some of the hottest products under the California sun.  Affordably priced and responsibly packaged for maximum safety and minimal waste, Sun Fire delivers incredible flavor, quality and value for every budget.

About Kyndness

Driven by a deep desire to brighten lives with a little KYNDNESS, Sunniva teamed up with Harborside’s FLRish Farms, to develop a line of personal and sharable sun-grown cannabis products, developed with budget-friendly price points.  The KYNDNESS brand aims to embody the spirit of connection with cultivars, consumers and the community at large by collaborating with like-minded businesses that share our values in order to be a shining example of how coming together for the greater good benefits the entire eco-system. 


The Herbella brand is designed to offer more upscale, boutique-quality product lines at a slightly higher price point that will provide the consumer with affordable luxury. Herbella products will include select artisanal indoor cannabis flower and premium live resin extracts as well as terpene-rich vaporizer pens and cartridges manufactured within Sunniva’s state of the art manufacturing laboratory.