At Sunniva Inc. (“Sunniva”), we are committed to operating each and every one of our enterprises in line with the highest standards of ethical business conduct, and in full compliance with the rules and regulations in each state, province and territory in which we operate. This level of commitment can present unique challenges in emerging markets and new industries, and requires significant effort as Sunniva looks not just to satisfy existing compliance norms but to set the standard for responsible business operations in new markets.

Sunniva understands that we take on a great deal of responsibility for the patients who depend on our products and services. The regulatory environment in which we operate is dynamic, complex and requires substantial time, effort and resources to remain up to speed with government mandates, internal compliance measures and the evolving regulatory landscape. To this end, we are taking care to establish industry protocols that are robust and state-of-the-art, and we will continue to dedicate the time and expertise required to meet our regulatory requirements.

In certain markets, such as the state of California, traditional operators face numerous challenges as a result of the current lack of uniform standards industry-wide. Utilizing comparable standards from analogous industries, the experience of Sunniva’s Board of Directors, and executive management from other highly-regulated markets, Sunniva will institute quality control procedures to ensure that its products are analyzed both internally and by independent state-regulated laboratories in an effort to lead the way in creating products that are free of harmful pesticides, pathogens and other contaminants. Simultaneously, Sunniva’s internal compliance function and best-in-class service providers ensure that corporate policies and operations are precisely in line with the evolving compliance and regulatory mandates in the various jurisdictions where we do business.

Using this approach, Sunniva is positioned to be an industry leader in this burgeoning space, and it realizes that operating a transparent and quality business is of central importance, not just for Sunniva patients individually, but also for the regulatory entities, local governments and the communities in which Sunniva operates. Sunniva aims to be a part of the solution, revolutionizing the industry by anchoring business practices in our commitment to integrity and our dedication to forging a new path forward.

It is Sunniva’s hope that the legal cannabis industry continues to grow as countries around the world discover the holistic benefits of the plant. At the same time, we realize that approaching this endeavor in the wrong way risks the industry’s very existence. Treating this existential dilemma appropriately drives Sunniva’s culture, management and company mandates at every level, from the boardroom to each individual job Sunniva creates. Working side by side with other industry leaders, emerging business participants, local governments and community stakeholders, at Sunniva we work tirelessly to set the stage for a regulatory framework and business environment that benefits all.