Better Automation
& Environmental Design

Sunniva California Campus is designed to deploy custom, automation assembly line cultivation processes at scale. By using proven advanced technologies within our glasshouse facilities, we can expect to dramatically reduce labor costs, which typically exceed 50% of total cost of production within the cannabis industry.

By harnessing one of California's most abundant resources - the plentiful sunshine - we reduce our energy consumption while utilizing dynamic and adaptive microclimatic controls to provide precise growing conditions. This boosts vigorous photosynthesis, growth, and resin production while reducing the risk of certain types of fungal and pest infections commonly seen in indoor cultivation.

Nourished by full-spectrum natural sunlight, generous airflow and oxygenation, optimal temperature and humidity, and precise nutrient delivery, our techniques are expected to produce quality, clean-testing medical botanicals that will benefit our customers in an environmentally sound way.

*cGMP regulations assure the identity, strength, quality, and purity of therapeutic products.