Connecting patients

with quality care

Natural Health Services Ltd. (NHS) owns and operates a Canadian network of medical cannabis clinics. NHS connects patients with safe and effective medical products, through licensed producers.  In-house physicians specializing in the endocannabinoid system provide expert consultation, education, and recommendations for targeted phytoceutical remedies and wellness plans to improve the quality of life for all patients. NHS’ proprietary technology infrastructure assists physicians, patients, and licensed producers comply with the rules of Health Canada. NHS is central to Sunniva’s Canadian investment strategy.

Building World-Class Greenhouses to be compliant with cGMP standards

Featuring the latest in modern agri-technology, Sunniva’s initial California greenhouse and manufacturing campus design will adhere to cGMP level standards and is expected to produce over 72,500 kg of premium cannabis yearly with 15,000 kg of associated trim, after phases 1 and 2 are complete.

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As one of the industry’s leading providers of custom, private-label dry herb and oil vaporizers, Vapor Connoisseur is constantly innovating and finding new solutions for better products.

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