Better Products for Great Brands

We will offer our business partners and brands what we believe to be the highest level of comprehensive white labeling services in the industry.

The cannabis industry both in Canada and the USA are faced with significant problems due to the use of harmful pesticides and fungicides that are unsafe for consumption. Some estimate that presently over 90% of all cannabis flower and extracts in the California market are contaminated with pesticides. We expect that the majority of current cultivator products will not pass new state testing protocols scheduled for introduction in January 2018.

Sunniva intends to solve this problem by building glasshouse facilities compliant with cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) standards which will be technologically advanced purpose-built cannabis facilities which we expect will provide safe, low-cost, high-quality cannabis products at scale.

Product Development Capabilities

Sunniva management is currently building partnerships with leading global scientists, universities, and clinical trial groups to deliver proprietary cannabis formulations to a broad spectrum of health ailments and conditions. These partners require cGMP-certified facilities for the processing and manufacturing of cannabis products.

Genetics & Cultivation

Sunniva’s cGMP standard cultivation facilities will lead a path to eliminate the existence of harmful pesticides/fungicides commonly found in the marketplace today. To date, many existing genetic stock providers have been using harmful systemic plant treatments that migrate into new cultivation facilities through the cuttings and floriculture practice that is common to cannabis.

Rigorous tissue testing of new genetics and the proper facility is the only way to keep these contaminants out of a start-up facility. Sunniva will source and license selective genetics to cultivate and produce the highest quality flowers.

Manufacturing & Extraction

We will manufacture complex reproducible products and formulations that meet extracting standards for quality and effectiveness. Our comprehensive Quality Management System will encompass every part of the manufacturing process, starting with the procurement of raw materials to the delivery of product to our customers. Our standards, protocols, and validated processes will ensure consistent high quality in the final product.

Custom Vaporizers,
Cartridges, & Filling Equipment

Through Vapor Connoisseur, Sunniva offers custom-made cartridges, devices, and high-volume filling machines. Our custom cartridges are designed to complement and optimize our clients’ specific cannabis oil formulations, ensuring leak-free cartridge component design and device functionality.

Packaging Design

Sunniva’s design partners will work collaboratively with our clients to provide innovative package design that delivers well on both form and function.

Sales & Distribution

Through our distribution partner network, Sunniva will provide expertise in sourcing, identification and access to appropriate channel management for both product sales and distribution. In Canada, Sunniva’s subsidiary company, Natural Health Services Ltd., specializes in physician supervised cannabis clinics.